Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lacking material??

My blogs tend to come on the heels of some sort of chaos.  As such, I haven't had much to say lately.  Don't get me wrong, my house is always chaos.  I have a 1 and a 2 year old...what else could it be?  BUT, some of that chaos just isn't funny.  It's downright ugly.  And since every mom in the world thinks their kid is the cutest, smartest, most wonderful creature on earth, I won't bore you with how awesome my kids are....and funny.  Well, maybe I will a little.  I just moved baby Mikko into the nursery with big sister Kaia.  Let's keep in mind that "baby Mikko" turns a year old this week and "big sister Kaia" just finally caught up to him in diaper size.  With the new arrangement, Kaia decided they MUST play in Mikko's crib.  The next twenty minutes go as follows:  Mikko stands up, holding onto the railing.  Kaia tugs him down.  They roll around a bit, Kaia finally outmaneuvers Mikko and straddles his back like a horsey, all the while chanting, "Giddy up, Mikko."  Repeat.  Strange kids.

But really, the funny stuff is always the ugly stuff right?  I know my kids are cute, but your kids are cute too, so for every story I share, you've got a match.  Try to beat the two nights of hell I enjoyed after moving the cribs into the same room.  We're limited in space in this joint.  It's a 2 bedroom condo with a loft.  When we moved here, it was Kev, Kailey and I.  We had LOTS of space.  Then we had a baby.  We adjusted and it was alright.  Then we had another baby.  Shit.

So our mini Harry Potter slept in Mommy and Daddy's closet, which worked pretty well except for every time we needed to get stuff out of the closet, which was pretty much every day.  So for nearly a year, I've been dying to get my closet back.  On a random Wednesday night, when Kev was off to a choir concert, I decided it was the night.  Why would I do it on a night when I was solely responsible for dismantling the crib, moving it from room to room, reconstructing the same crib, AND putting the kids to bed?  Who the f knows!  I had decided "it was time."  Whatev.  The first tuck in wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.  In fact, with the horsey rides, it was downright funny.

I had Mikko down first and despite his habit of screaming for upwards of 45 minutes, he was quiet pretty quickly.  He woke up when I brought Kaia in, but magically (I say magically because it happened somehow and it most certainly wasn't anything I had done or I would have done it again the next night to save myself the 2 hours of INSANITY), he went back to sleep without much fuss.  Then he proceeded to wake up 4 more times.  The best was the 4:00 a.m. wake up when he screamed bloody murder for an hour.  You know what time I'm not ready to get up?  4:00.  I fell asleep every 4 minutes between outbursts.  It wasn't pretty.  Thursday was So. Much. Worse.  (See reference to "2 hours of INSANITY" above.  'Nough said.)

Tonight, after a weekend with the grandparents, they just went to bed.  Seriously.  Mikko went down, no screaming.  Kaia went down without waking Mikko or any "Mooooooooooooommy, Moooooooooooooommy, Mooooooooooooommy."  Amazing.  So, the thing is, it's just not that funny to be miserably tired and have actual problems like wickedly unsleeping babies and it's equally not funny to have sweet little angels who just go to sleep when I want them to.  You know what is funny?  Stuff that my husband does and says.  Fixing that after he reads this, though, would again not be funny, so I guess I won't go there either.  Love you, honey.  :)  For what it's worth, I sincerely doubt he reads this.