Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unrelated mommy musings

I started this blog months ago and rarely use it.  I think I've written three and published one.  But today I feel like I need to get some things off my chest and what better way than a blog no one reads?  This way, it goes out there, but no one ever has to hear it.

So let's start with this...I love the zoo.  Today I saw a headline about a tiger jumping a 12 foot fence at the zoo.  Wouldn't you?  Who wants to be caged, gawked at and fed food they don't eat in the wild?  It's just not right.  You know what else isn't right?  Television, internet, video games...blogging.  What happened to the days when being outdoors was a joy and we didn't need some form of constant entertainment?

I wish I could go to Africa and see animals in the wild.  I'd eat what was available from the earth, I'd fear the wild because, well, it's wild and I would marvel at it and revel in it because it's beautiful and real instead of manufactured and marketed.

I'm sad today.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A low point

I was going to eat some leftover breadsticks tonight, you know, "once the babies [were] in bed."  I lost my appetite hours ago now....

It would be too long a story to start at the beginning, so I thought I'd start at the bottom.  Rock bottom.  No, this isn't some tragic story.  Rather, it's a look at the hilarity that is my life now.  Let's start with this:  I have two children.  A baby girl, 18 months, and a little boy, 3 months.  Why would someone have children so close together you might ask?  Sheer stupidity - not that we were stupid to choose to have two children so close together, but because we were too stupid not to be more careful not to.  So, my evening, my moment of absolute madness and my trip back from the crib, literally....

My daughter is teething.  I have no idea how many teeth she's getting or whether they're the dreaded 2 year molars or just the dreaded tooth like every other tooth that she's ever gotten so far, but she downright sucks right now.  She's the sweetest happiest girl in the world until she's an absolute monster.  So for days, months really, we've been battling her for sleep.  She only wants one nap and only for an hour and a half, but boy she doesn't want to sleep at night either.  So after we put her down, my husband went in to soothe her (believe me, he didn't ask or I would have said "hell no") and came out with her screaming at a 10 instead of the 7 she'd started at.  I decided, "What's one more night of chaos?" and I went in.

All.  The.  Way.  When I couldn't get her to lay down, or sit down for that matter, I climbed into the crib with her.  It's a move I've contemplated before.  I've considered whether I'd stumble when climbing in.  I felt confident.  I've considered our combined weight (worse now that I'm lugging 10 pounds of "baby weight" from my most recent pregnancy).  I've even considered how I would explain the broken crib if we did, in fact, exceed whatever weight limit it might have.  Thankfully it didn't break because I hadn't worked that all out yet.

And I realized I'd hit rock bottom as I was laying in the crib with her, taking up most of the space, and thinking I just might sleep there tonight.  That's when she straddled my stomach, giggled and began bouncing up and down.  Wow did that jog me back to reality.  This was a bad idea.  Not only that, but this was a moment I would never admit to anyone.  Thank god no one reads what's on the internet....

Move over designer duds, Mommy's got a bathrobe to hang in this closet...This is me becoming "Mommy."