Monday, June 6, 2011

Rainbows, boo boos and COPS(?)! Oh my....

Remember when I said most of my blogs come on the heels of some sort of chaos?  How's about an emergency 911 call?  That counts, right?  Totally.  My sweet baby girl, Kaia, recently turned 2.  While we have been fairly lucky to avoid the "terrible twos," she has her moments of absolute monstrousness.  Last night was "one of those days."  It was a little chaotic at bedtime.  We had been gone all day, so we came home and nearly tossed Mikko straight into bed, where he was still displaying his immense displeasure.  Kaia was playing with my locked blackberry, an attempt to keep her occupied and not yelling for 15 minutes so her brother can fall asleep.  It's a work phone, so I keep it locked at all times rather than let my two-year old call clients and courts.  Suddenly it beeped.  It was a beep I'd never heard before, which to be fair, is not that uncommon when a two-year old is playing with an electronic that she's too young for...happens with my laptop all the time.  So I walk over and notice that a call had been placed and quickly hit the "end" button as I realize, slowly, that the disconnected call was "EMERGENCY SERVICES."  Great.

So a few minutes later, a nice lady calls and confirms that we're having an emergency.  We are not.  She takes my information and says she'll advise the officer that we do not need him to stop by.  He does anyway.  I apologize.  She laughs and says, "It happens all the time."  Officer comes.  I made Kaia apologize ("Sorry Offdider") and tell her that he has real work to do.  He did tell her he liked her Dora jammies, which didn't really strike the fear of dialing 911 into her as I had hoped talking to a strange man with a gun would.  She spent the rest of the night alternating between "Sorry Offdider" and "He has to go to work.  He has real work."  So that was a SWEET end to a busy weekend full of tantrums and madness.

This morning I woke up to my sweet, yet strange, little girl again.  I bumped my elbow (expletive) and Kaia asked me if I had a boo boo.  Now where the hell did she hear that nonsense?  "Boo boo?"  I can handle "owie," but "boo boo?"  I'm sure I rolled my eyes and said, "Yes, Kaia.  Mommy has a boo boo," while I gagged a little.  Then she asked if she could help and offered to kiss it.  Aw, melt.  Boo boo it is, kid, and candy for dinner.  So a little later, we're outside and I see a rainbow.  Well, if she's all boo boos and kissies, maybe she'll love rainbows and unicorns too.  So I pointed it out and she said, "I see it!  I see the car, Mommy."  Me:  "No Kaia, rainbow.  See it up there in the sky (pointing)?"  Kaia:  "I see it!  I see the bird, Mommy."  Me:  "Nevermind."  We came inside to play pirates.